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A reading from one of the articles in our archives...


06 February 2017: Easy doesn't do it: skill and expression in tangible aesthetics by Tom Djajadiningratand Ben Matthewsand Marcelle Stienstra from Personal Ubiquitous Comput.; MP3 Archive, Playlist

07 February 2017: Structural Reject by Irving Goh from Theory \& Event; MP3 Archive, Playlist

11 February 2017: The 'question of professionalism' in the computer fields by N.L. Ensmenger from Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE; MP3 Archive, Playlist

12 February 2017: An Experimental Study of Search in Global Social Networks by Peter Sheridan Doddsand Roby Muhamadand Duncan J. Watts from Science; MP3 Archive, Playlist

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