Some recent posts re: scholarly publishing

Here’s some recent posts of interest regarding scholarly publishing:

Publishers Criticize Federal Investment in Open Educational Resources

Yes, you read the headline right. From the article:

But the grants come at a challenging time for textbook publishers, in particular, which have seen print-textbook revenues decline while a model for digital course materials is still emerging. The federal government is seen as an unwelcome new player.

And then, in the ongoing saga at Georgia State University regarding access to course reserves:

A nightmare scenario for higher education

From the article:

In anticipation of the trial starting on Monday in the copyright infringement case brought against Georgia State University by Cambridge, Oxford and Sage publishers, and partially financed by the Copyright Clearance Center, there has been a flurry of motions, mostly relating to the admission of various pieces of evidence. But amongst that deluge of paper is a truly frightening document, the proposed injunction that the plaintiffs are requesting if they win the case. I have always known that there was a lot a stake for higher education in this case, but the injunction the publishers want would be a nightmare scenario beyond even my most pessimistic imaginings.

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