Click Value

The Click Value was created specifically for this extension. Using the Google Adwords Traffic Estimator, and the top 1000 words taken from the titles and owners of the journals in the database, we show how valuable these words are on the open Google auction market. Thanks to Google we get an estimate for the number of times the word is clicked each day, as well as how much per it would cost to purchase its use in an advertisement. Then, for each journal and its associated owner in our database, we calculate the following:

$\displaystyle{ \sum_{i=0}^{n} \overline{count}_i \times \overline{price}_i }$

In other words, taking the mean of the low and high "count" (number of clicks) and "price" for each word, multiplying it together (to get a weighted value), and summing over the words in the journal title and publisher's name, we arrive at the Click Value. You'll find that for some journals, especially ones with only one specialized word in the title, you won't get a click value. We think that given the role of Google in searching for information—and the ways in which this searching needs to be monitized—choosing your journal title so that it can make money in Google's network will be an important consideration for the future.

SJR & hIndex

The SJR and hIndex come from SCImago. SJR, or SCImago Journal Rank, allows one to access unbiased PageRank-style rankings of journals, allowing country-by-country comparisons to be made. The hIndex is much like the one designed for individual researchers, but this time applied to journals as a whole.

Frobpact Factor, Eigenfrob Factor, Frobfluence

These three factors are our own special developments. If you'd like to know more, look in the "Advanced" tab of the Extension preferences.