Developer Information

Or, how to access our data

Developer API

We are making a subset of our journal information available through a public API. This information is based on a preliminary OWL ontology that can be viewed online. Use of the API does not require full knowledge of the API; in fact, it is rather simple to use.


The API is based on REST. The base is at If you want to search for a particular journal name, such as "Angiology", then perform a GET on Be sure that your "Accept" header includes one of "application/xml", "application/xhtml+xml" or "text/xml", otherwise you will receive an error. Your response will come in the form of XML such as the following:

<results type="journalInfo" journalName="Angiology">
<result ownerURI="" ownerName="Sage Publications Inc" price="1039" frobpactFactor="1096" frobfluence="197" eigenfrobFactor="268" sjr="102" hIndex="37" parentURI="" parentName="Sage Publications" clickValue="0.0"/>
<headline value="SAGE to publish Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology from 2011"/>
<headline value="Theology and Theology Today enter partnership with SAGE"/>
<headline value="Power outage: A loss of social power distorts how money is represented"/>
<headline value="'The LTTE can never re-emerge'"/>
<headline value="Mathematics Through Play in the Early Years"/>
<headline value="On the Media: Publisher Sara Miller McCune has serious goals for journalism"/>
<headline value="Ultrasound could boost tissue implant success"/>
<headline value="SAGE partners with RTVJ Division of AEJMC to publish Electronic News"/>
<headline value="Journalism's next top model"/>
<headline value="The financial crisis and the challenge to social science thinking"/>
<words type="volume">
<word name="york" price="2.11"/>
<word name="world" price="1.76"/>
<word name="west" price="2.6"/>
<word name="washington" price="2.81"/>
<word name="us" price="2.05"/>
<word name="university" price="2.11"/>
<word name="to" price="1.48"/>
<word name="the" price="1.17"/>
<word name="texas" price="1.88"/>
<word name="state" price="1.4"/>
<word name="st" price="1.7"/>
<word name="south" price="2.03"/>
<word name="software" price="2.62"/>
<word name="service" price="2.67"/>
<word name="school" price="1.26"/>
<word name="real" price="2.86"/>
<word name="online" price="2.82"/>
<word name="on" price="1.53"/>
<word name="office" price="2.34"/>
<word name="of" price="1.19"/>
<word name="north" price="2.07"/>
<word name="news" price="1.65"/>
<word name="new" price="2.39"/>
<word name="music" price="1.04"/>
<word name="london" price="2.19"/>
<word name="in" price="1.6"/>
<word name="house" price="1.58"/>
<word name="high" price="0.87"/>
<word name="health" price="3.25"/>
<word name="game" price="0.75"/>
<word name="from" price="1.63"/>
<word name="for" price="1.65"/>
<word name="food" price="1.0"/>
<word name="florida" price="2.29"/>
<word name="et" price="0.71"/>
<word name="en" price="0.69"/>
<word name="do" price="0.86"/>
<word name="digital" price="1.76"/>
<word name="de" price="0.87"/>
<word name="computer" price="2.56"/>

The first result tag gives the information you want. The attributes should be mostly self-explanatory; price gives the yearly institutional subscription price, if available.


If we are able to find headlines about the company that owns the journal, the top ones are presented under the headlines tag.

Stock Quotes

As well, for public companies that we know about, we present you with stock quotes under the stocks tag.


The words tag contains words that are displayed in the extension itself; it can be ignored.


If we're unable to find any information about the journal asked for, an informational message will be given in the root results attribute.


We will shortly provide the data in RDF format as well. Keep an eye on the blog on the front page of the site for details.

Source Code

The source code that powers this backend, along with the affiliated Radio, can be found on github.

Questions? Problems?

Please contact the editor by the e-mail at the bottom of the page.